GUITAR PLUS - NL October 2011 | Germany
" Marcus Malone is a very special contemporary. The rock and blues guitarist from Detroit is an impressive musician and songwriter and is on top of that blessed with a voice, that reminds of the famous Paul Rogers.
He published with various majors and also the legendary Motown label, played with BB King and Walter Trout and stands now with his new (latest) album 'Let the Sunshine In' at the starting blocks, which will increase his status even further." -

Lionell Ross /
UK August 2011

Earthy, emotional and with lots of soul, Marcus celebrates his sound in perfection.Marcus Malone has been delighting British audiences for many years with his magnificent velvet-toned vocals and his magnetic stage presence. Furthermore, he is a highly talented songwriter, who consistently surrounds himself with top class musicians, as this album ('Let the Sunshine In") fully demonstrates. In short, it's another cracker from the man from Detroit.

Kees Smallegange - Block, no. 155 | NL August 2011
"Een perfecte balans tussen blues, rock, soul en funk. Hij combineert zijn soulvolle zang met spetterende blazers, een moddervette ritmesectie en een rockend gitaargeluid dat zelden zo goed samenvalt…een boeiende muzikale kanjer."
English translation: "A perfect balance between blues, rock, soul and funk. He combines his soulful singing with blazing horns, a greasy rhythm section and a rocking guitar sound, seldomly fitting as good together as here…a fascinating musical giant."

Jaap van Eik - Lust For Life | NL June 2011
"Malone blijkt een formidabele vocalist te zijn, die qua stemgeluid en interpretatie geheel terecht met Paul Rodgers wordt vergeleken. Met dat verschil dat Malone de nodige elementen uit de Soul toevoegt...een uitstekende plaat."
English translation: "Malone is a formidable vocalist, who's voice and interpretation is being compared quite correctly to Paul Rodgers. With that difference Malone adds elements of Soul….an excellent record."

Kwadendamme Festival May 2011

Afsluiter van het festival was Marcus Malone, een in Engeland wonende Amerikaan. Ik had hem als eens eerder aan het werk gezien. Ik was toen niet echt onder de indruk en was zeer benieuwd of dit wel een waardige afsluiter zou zijn. Ian Siegal kwam zijn vriend persoonlijk aankondigen en vervolgens kregen we anderhalf uur lang rock, funk en soul en ook nog wat blues te horen. Al snel werd mij duidelijk dat de organisatie van het festival het goed gezien had. Een prima, charismatische performer, ondersteund door een dito band met een hoofdrol voor gitarist Michael Casswell. Tijdens een soulvolle uitvoering van 'To Love Somebody'(jawel, die van de Bee Gees) zong het publiek uit volle borst mee en konden we Mr. Siegal innig zien dansen in de zaal met Cassie Taylor. Na anderhalf uur Marcus Malone zat het festival er op.

Kitty Rae - Blues Matters | UK May 2011
"This one ('Let the Sunshine In') is long overdue as it is some years since his last one, but the finished result was worth waiting for, as usual astounding musicianship and immediate replay required."

Ben Macnair - Blues In Britain | May 2011
"Let the Sunshine In' is one of those albums that is easy to like. Marcus Malone is a talented song-writer, with a perfect soulful voice that perfectly suits the music that he writes. He surrounds himself with talented musicians woh play for the song rather than themselves, and tackles serious issues, as well as lighter subjects in a way that works very well."

Bequia Mount Gay Music Fest 2011 | March 2011
....the amazing vocals of Detroit-born Blues giant Marcus Malone.
youtube featuring Dana Gilespe - vocals; Ian Segal - guitar and vocals; Dino Baptiste & Paddy Milner-keys; Jamie Little & Evan Jenkins -Drums; Jeff Walker - Bass; Lewis Cohen and Jake Zaitz- guitar; Mike Paice - harmonica and sax.

Bill Smith - Blues in Britain | UK 2011
“…great voice, great words, in fact great everything”

Tom Branson - | 2010
Malone, a Detroit native and current UK resident, is without question one of the finest vocalist to be found in the blues, blues/rock, or rock genres. He has a very Paul Rodgers like quality to his voice which, when combined with the considerable guitar skills of Stuart Dixon, is excellent for the multiple styles of music he plays. And, after all, Marcus Malone and his music are much about excellence.”

GC Nekkersdal Brussels BE 17 November 2011
Le Blog des critiques de concerts

Tegelen Bluesrock Festival 03 September 2011
Markus Hagner Photography | Blues Breaker NL

Kwadendamme Festival Reviews 14 May 2011
Blues Magazine

Le Planet Blues Rock - 2008

Feuchy, France - 17 September 2007

De Bosuil, Weert NL - Aug 2007

Royal Albert Hall with BB King | Walter Trout




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